In collaboration with Northway Medical Center we are offering stem cell based therapeutics to treat a variety of health issues. Our company offer state of the art umbilical cord blood stem cell (SC) extraction using Sepax® 2 cell separation system. SCRC banking facilities are certified to store the samples for up to 20 years and are accessible given any medical emergency. Clients are also offered novel treatments for conditions such as osteoarthritis where Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells, processed using Celution® 800/CRS System, are localized to treat their condition.

SCRC also conducts clinical research on stem cells to advance individualized therapeutics for patients. Upon request we offer isolation and cultivation of donor SC using TERUMO BCT Quantum® Cell Expansion System, and characterize the cells in our Flow Cytometry facilities. We offer guidance to customers seeking these services and may suggest potential applications for individualized therapeutics. To learn more about potential services and applications proceed to the Contacts section.