• Malta Enterprise visits Stem Cell RC


    Dr Mario Vella and Philo Meli from Malta Enterprise visited Stem Cell Research Center to discuss potential cross border cooperation.

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  • Life Science Nord visit


    Dr. Hinrich Habeck, the Managing Director of Life Science Nord, a leading European life science network, has visited Stem Cell Research Center. Potential cross-border cooperation areas between institutions of Life Science Nord and Stem Cell Cluster were discussed. In particular, a lot of attention was given to R&D cooperation in stem cell and cell therapeutics. In addition, opportunities to cooperate for EU-wide projects for excellence in science, such as Horizon 2020 and Eureka, were discussed.


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  • A novel pathway controls stem-cell proliferation independently from differentiation

    The ability of stem cells to self-renew depends, among other things, on their ability to divide. However, the typical mechanism that controls cellular proliferation — the G1 checkpoint — is associated with differentiation in stem cells. How can stem cells proliferate without losing multipotency?

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