Dental pulp-derived stem cells (DPSCs)

Recent studies have identified progenitor stem cells which are crucial for the dentine

regeneration process following injury. These multipotent mesenchymal progenitor cells, which have a high self-renewal potential and possess multiple differentiation properties are known as dental pulp stem cells. Similarly to bone marrow dental pulp environment comprises specific niches where they play fundamental role in the maitenance of dental pulp-derived stem cells. Investigations are currently in progress for exploitation of dental pulp-derived stem cells to develop strategies for engineering dental pulps and a whole tooth. Besides those bone-forming properties of DPSCs researchers explore neuronal and muscular differentiation capacity and expect DPSCs may have a wider clinical application. Current moves towards isolation, collection, and cryopreservation of DPSCs for banking and clinical application are now feasible and commercially possible. Subsequent development of novel clinical treatment modalities will be essential in determining the possibility that DPSCs may serve as a source of stem cells to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration in the distant future.