About us

The Stem Cell Research Centre (SCRC) is a new company which has been established to coordinate Lithuanian Stem Cells Cluster and to build new stem cell research facilities in order to foster and implement breakthroughs in regenerative medicine through basic and translational research support, training and education. The new state-of-the art facilities will consolidate stem cell researchers and physicians and speed the path toward development  of novel stem cell-based therapies and advanced therapy medicinal products.

Multiple facilities have been established, ranging from Cryopreservation and Banking, Flow Cytometry, and 3D Bioprinting. Partners from Lithuanian Stem Cells Cluster have established productive strategic and collaborative research partnerships to further the development of stem cell technologies in the Baltics. Currently, our joint research is focused on stem cell biology and preclinical research.  We are developing innovative stem cell-based treatments for therapeutics and small scale tissue and organ model printing. In collaboration with Norhway Medical Centers our vision is to develop and adapt these cutting edge technologies to better the lives of those around us.