• Vladas Algirdas Bumelis, CEO, he has served as Chairman of the Board for biotech companies Biofa and Biotechna till 1999, as well as General Manager of Sicor Biotech (member of Teva Pharmaceuticals) until 2012. In 2004 prof. Vladas Algirdas Bumelis received science Award of Lithuania in recognition of his achievements in science and technology in developing and producing of recombinant proteins.

  • Algirdas Žiogas, R&D Director, holds a PhD from University of Zurich in molecular and cell biology and has more than 10 years of experience in translational research and clinical environment. His main research interest is the development of new approaches for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, stem cell research and angiogenesis. He has been engaged in management of FP6 and FP7 EU projects and CTI funded innovative, application-oriented biotech research and development projects.

  • Agnė Žebrytė, Marketing Manager, holds a Master `s degree in biotechnology – Biomedical Microbiology. Has 4 year scientific experience with extreme bacteria from different areas. Recently has switched to biotechnology sector business development and marketing. Has gained some experience in marketing by working in Chile, later on transferred to Biotechpharma and Stem Cell Research Centre situated in Lithuania.

  • Justinas Ožiūnas, Project Manager, Master `s degree in Business Management, 4 years successful experience with project management, market, risk and financial analysis. Justinas is responsible for successful EU fund implementation, cluster management, inner communication building, infrastructure management, communication with government institutions. Justinas began his career in financial institutions, later joining Stem Cell Research Centre and Biotechpharma.

  • Jelena Starycina, Accountant, has more than 15 years of experience in accounting and financial control. Jelena is responsible for Stem Cell Research Centre account keeping, financial management and reporting.