Lithuanian Stem cell cluster

Lithuanian Stem Cells Cluster was founded on 27 June 2011.

Eleven enterprises specialized in clinical research and patient data management, bioprocess engineering and cGMP production, and stem cell research have signed a joint venture to promote the development of innovative discoveries and translational strategies related to stem/progenitor cell science in Lithuania and Baltic states. It can also act as the gateway to advanced stem cell therapies clinical trial infrastructure and implementation in Lithuania.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the development of stem cell research and to translate it into the safe and effective therapy of common diseases. An additional goal of our cluster will be educating people seeking stem cell therapies, or interested in enrolling in clinical trials for testing them.

Partners participating in Lithuanian Stem Cells Cluster are deeply committed to stem cell research and the advancement of regenerative medicine. Biotechnology Company Biotechpharma UAB with it international partnerships and global research links provides researchers and facilities for stem cell research, cost-effective bioreactor platform technology for bioprocess development and cGMP compliant stem cell production. Hospitals and clinics participating in the Cluster provide a full range of services across the whole clinical research lifecycle, from discovery through to clinical and translational research, sustainable biospecimen resources, flexible clinical data management solutions and regulatory environment that meets high ethical standards. The overall process is coordinated by SCRC which will provide facilities and fully integrated infrastructure designated for stem cell sample collection, processing, stem cell banking and cell therapy clinical trials.